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Earn free games each time you reach a new level by earning experience points. Experience points are earned by unlocking badges which reward you for various gameplay styles and accomplishments. Earn 1000 experience points to “level up.” It takes roughly 7 – 8 games to earn one free game.

View how you ranked in a single mission. Compare your overall score compared to other Players. See how many beams you fired and the ratio of points earned. Explore the badges and achievements you unlocked during the mission.

Compare your overall rank with other registered Arena Members. Apply filters to see how you compare to others at your local Laser Quest location or set it to “global” to see how you rank among all Arena Members!”

Show off your skills by unlocking badges and achievements! Unlocking badges earns you experience points (XP) towards FREE Missions. Achievements earn you achievement points (AP) which allow you to commemorate your triumphs.”

LQ Arena Access Night

Play three to four specialty games of Laser Quest. Increase your Experience Points by unlocking badges and achievements throughout the evening to earn free games and climb higher on the Laser Quest Arena Leaderboard. Call your local Laser Quest Centre.

The Laser Quest Rewards and Achievement Program