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Register today and start earning FREE games!

What’s all the hype about?

Arena Members have privileges.  Check them out!

  • Earn free games each time you reach a new level by earning experience points.
  • Experience points are earned by unlocking badges which reward you for various gameplay styles and accomplishments.
  • Earn 1000 experience points to “level up”
  • It takes roughly 7 – 8 games to earn one free game
  • View how you ranked in a single mission
  • Compare your overall score compared to other Players
  • See how many beams you fired and the ratio of points earned
  • Explore the badges and achievements you unlocked during the mission
  • Compare your overall rank with other registered Arena Members.
  • Apply filters to see how you compare to others at your local Laser Quest location or,
  • set it to “global” to see how you rank among all Arena Members!”
  • Show off your skills by unlocking badges and achievements!
  • Unlocking badges earns you experience points (XP) towards FREE Missions.
  • Achievements earn you achievement points (AP) which allow you to commemorate your triumphs.”

Ready to register?

Registering for a Laser Quest Arena account is easy and free!

All you’ll need is need the following:

  • An email address (which is kept private)
  • A User Name
  • A password must be provided
Sign Up Now >

Questions?  Call your local LQ Centre.

  • Play 3 to 4 specialty games of Laser Quest.
  • Increase your Experience Points by unlocking badges and achievements throughout the evening to earn free games
  • Climb higher on the Laser Quest Arena Leaderboard