Laser Quest Montreal

Pricing 2019-06-13T10:15:33-04:00

Call: 1 (514) 393-3000 to reserve,
because people love our game and spots sell out.

Regular Game at Laser Quest Centerville

$9.00 per person

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Plus applicable taxes.
Laser Quest Triple Play $21 per person

$7.00 per person

Student discount returns Tuesday, September 3rd for CEGEP & University students!
Enjoy our Triple Play promotion throughout the summer.

Every regular Laser Quest mission includes 15 minutes of action-packed playing time.  Expect to be at Laser Quest for approximate 30 to 40 minutes per game.  If playing multiple times, we always include a 20 minute break between games so every player has an opportunity to select their own Codename and receive a personalized scorecard certificate.

Ironman at Laser Quest Centerville

$12.00 per person

Thursday @9:35pm and 10:15pm
Friday @9:55pm, 10:35pm and 11:15pm
Saturday @10:15pm, 10:55pm and 11:35pm

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An Ironman Mission includes 30 minutes of heart-pumping playing time. Expect to be at Laser Quest for 45 to 60 minutes from the time the Ironman Mission begins to when it finishes, including the distribution of your personalized scorecard.

Laser Quest Summer Pass

$69.99 Summer pass
June 21st to September 2nd

One Pass. Endless fun!  Full access to all public games of Laser Quest including Ironman!

Laser Quest Summer Pass

$39.99 monthly pass

Laser Quest Triple Play $21 per person

Summer Triple Play
$20 per person
Until Sept. 2nd

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Save BIG with Triple Play!  Play 3 action-packed games of Laser Quest.

All 3 games must be played by the same person on the same day.

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Get Fit at Laser Quest Centerville

Fun Fact:  Did you know that a regular mission of Laser Quest is equal to approximately 400 – 500 steps?  That’s about .25 miles per mission.  You’ll even burn approximately 100 calories per mission. Not only is Laser Quest Fun, it’s physical!