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"The staff were organized, helpful, and outgoing.  LQ was enjoyable for the entire camp, of all ages, including the counselors. Everyone had a great time thanks to the fun and safety oriented staff." - K. James - Ottawa, ON

Ottawa Gymnastics Centre,


How long has Laser Quest been in business?

The first Laser Quest in North America opened in 1993.  We have 56 corporate locations operating in North America, 45 are located in the United States and 11 in Canada. There are other Laser Quest Centers outside of North America that are franchised through Laser Quest International.

What is your target Customer base?  
Laser Quest hosts parties and groups that range in age from 5 years old and older. Many organizations including scout groups, youth groups, church groups, corporate groups and birthday parties come to Laser Quest for a great event.  

What type of Employee is most successful with Laser Quest?

Employees are successful when they truly have a service orientation towards Customers, exude high energy, like to entertain and enjoy working in a fast paced environment.  We are fortunate that quality people stay a long time at Laser Quest, where our average tenure for Management positions is 8 years.  In terms of our part-time staff, the average length of service varies;  however, we are proud of the fact that some of our part-time Employees have enjoyed working with us for more than 8 years before moving on to pursue advanced schooling or careers that are in line with their studies.  The people who succeed are hardworking, fun loving, like to speak in front of groups, are energized by people and are open to change and learning through feedback.

What type of training do you offer?

All Laser Quest locations conduct a structured, thorough and interactive training program to ensure Employees are set up for success. Employees can become certified to take on additional responsibilities in the areas of technical and/or group selling skills. Customized training is in place for each position.
What opportunities for advancement are available with Laser Quest?
Many of our Employees started as part-time Crew members and are now General Managers or Area Managers.  Promotions are available for those who work hard and perform well; however, relocation is often necessary.  Laser Quest prefers to promote from within.  Lateral transfers to different locations are also possible to help our Employees further refine their skills and abilities and accommodate personal requests.

What is the work environment like?

Our staff describe working at Laser Quest as a family-like environment where team members share common interests,  have fun achieving business goals, celebrating successes and simply put, having a lot of fun together!   Often we receive comments about the personal satisfaction and pleasure both Crew and Management get from putting smiles on Customers' faces and having the opportunity to simply be themselves at work.
What qualities or behaviours does the Company value most?
Honesty; Self-Responsibility; Commitment; Teamwork; Trust and Mutual Respect; Fun. These are the Company Core Values we have not only published but expect all Employees to demonstrate, no matter what position they hold.

How and when will my performance be evaluated?

Formal Reviews are done annually, with regular performance discussions happening throughout the year.  We believe feedback is important so people know where they stand and feel valued for their contributions. 
What exactly would my day-to-day responsibilities be?
Please click on this link, choose the location you are interested in applying for and choose the position. The job description lists the responsibilities for that specific role.  Only jobs that are currently open are posted.

Why would I enjoy working for Laser Quest?

The culture is a positive environment where Employees are challenged, have the ability to make a difference and have some fun doing it.   We have a great support system, ranging from other Centre teams to the Home Office team.  
What makes this Company stand apart from the competition?
Our primary focus is laser tag, so we are able to do it better than anyone else!  We have a formal recruitment process that assists us in hiring the best people who are the right fit for our culture.  We have an experienced and talented Home Office team who provide information, direction and support to the Laser Quest Management teams. We strive to “Make Us Better” year over year!  
How does the Company reward and recognize outstanding work and excellence?
Laser Quest celebrates successes through weekly celebrations and quarterly visits from the Area Managers, Centre contests and through recognition of significant milestones.  For examples: Employee anniversaries, beating sales results from the previous year and breaking sales records. 

How old do I need to be to work at Laser Quest?

Due to the nature of our business, we require a minimum age of 16.  Anyone applying for a part-time Management position must be at least 18 years old.
How does LASER QUEST contribute to local communities?
Laser Quest donates each year to charities that assist children, young adults and some by which our own Employees have been affected.   Each Centre is encouraged to host a charitable event annually to assist a disadvantaged youth group in their local community.

Part-time Postions

What hours will I be expected to work? 
Our hours of operation vary from season to season, depending on when school is out.  Although we have flexible scheduling and hours available, evenings and weekends are our busiest times and therefore the time when we require the most staff.  Shifts vary from week to week based on business levels and needs.  In most of our locations, part-time staff members can expect to work an average of 10-20 hours per week.

Does Laser Quest hire temporary or seasonal positions?

Our initial training program can take up to 90 days to complete, which makes it difficult to hire an Employee for the season.  We prefer to hire permanent Employees, whenever possible.
What type of benefits does Laser Quest offer Part-time Employees?
Unfortunately, we are not able to offer medical or dental benefits to part-time Employees. There are other types of incentives we offer part-time Employees like participation in the 401k program (U.S).

Full-time, Salaried Postions

What hours will I be expected to work? 
Our hours of operation vary from season to season, depending when school is out. Although we have flexible scheduling and hours available, we are open on weekends and groups can book anytime.  To accommodate these groups, daytime, late nights and weekends may be required. Shifts vary from week to week based on business levels and needs, however, full-time, salaried Employees work 45 hours per week in a normal week.

What type of training do you offer?

Our Management program includes comprehensive training in Laser Quest systems, processes, Human Resource Management, Marketing and Salesmanship soft skills. Our Skills Enhancement Workshops and annual General Manager Conferences also incorporate more advanced training. 
What type of benefits does Laser Quest offer full-time Employees?
Click on this link for the benefits included with full-time, salaried positions.  Choose either the U.S. or Canada depending on which country you live. 
What are the main responsibilities of the Management Team?
Managers are primarily responsible for operating the business, managing, assessing and developing the Employees, while executing grass roots marketing plans we employ to maintain and grow business results. Managers are also responsible for managing expenses to ensure long term stability and profitability.

How do you encourage work life balance?

We encourage a work / life balance for our full-time Employees, with two days off per week and a competitive vacation allowance. Full-time Employees have autonomy to work varying shifts to satisfy their personal interests, while still meeting the needs of the business.