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Looking for S.T.E.M.
Beyond the Classroom

The Quest for Knowledge educational field trip is just what you need! Our educational excursions promise to be one of a kind, informative and fun filled for both you and your students. This is no ordinary field trip! Check out our available packages below or call (714) 449-0555 to learn more.

Our Educational Field Trips:

We combine science, technology, engineering, and mathematics inour field trips. Designed by educations from the United States and Canada, the Quest for Knowledge Education Programs promote comprehension and retention, as we combine learning with fun!



Our Field Trips Include:

  • Behind the scenes tour of Laser Quest - not available to the general public
  • Two fun-filled missions of Laser Quest
  • Hands on experience
  • Live demonstrations
  • Interactive S.T.E.M. based presentations
  • Resources for Teachers

The Quest for Knowledge programs are offered at $10 per student
for School Groups, during school hours (excludes summer).

►  Great for Youth Groups, Day Camps and Scout Troops.  Click here for pricing.
Some restrictions apply.

Light and Optics:

The Light and Optics program is tailored for students studying physics. This curriculum based field trip is an exciting way to revisit classroom content.  We make the learning memorable and show how these concepts apply in the real world.  The Electromagnetic Spectrum is brought to life.

This Program Covers:

  • Light Reflection and Light Refraction
  • The Law of Reflection and the Point of Incidence
  • Dispersion, the Visible Spectrum, and the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Call (714) 449-0555 to receive the curriculum outline. Click here to use our on-line reservation request form. 

Light and Sound:

This educational field trip will allow students to investigate the properties of light and sound by observing how these forms of energy are utilized at Laser Quest.  


This Program Covers:

  • How light and sound interact with various objects at Laser Quest
  • Materials used at Laser Quest that transmit, reflect and absorb light and sound.

Call (714) 449-0555 to receive the curriculum outline. Click here to use our on-line reservation request form..

Lasers and Mazes:

The Lasers and Mazes program is designed for students in the 3rd to 6th grade.  It is an exciting two hour field trip that introduces students to the fascinating world of laser light and mazes.

Lasers and Mazes

This Program Covers:

  • A history of laser light and the history of mazes
  • Lasers as a form of light
  • The characteristics and properties of lasers
  • How lasers are used in our society
  • The different types of mazes
  • How mazes are a part of our everyday life

Call (714) 449-0555 to receive the curriculum outline. Click here to use our on-line reservation request form.

The Quest for Knowledge program is not only great for school field trips, it is also ideal for day camps, with 20 or more participants.

Day Camps:

$10.00 per person